About the Artist

Tiffany H. Youngblood is an artist who grew up in Powder Springs, GA. The youngest of three girls, she grew up on a dirt road learning to build forts and spent many hours on a swing beneath her favorite tree. She began drawing as a teenager and had her first art lesson soon after. 

A graduate of Berry College, she’s worked in the design and advertising field for over 27 years. 

Illustration and drawing wake her up in the morning. She’s feels led to create art products based on everyday inspirations. 

Moving to an agricultural community in the Shenandoah Valley helped cement her purpose in opening Sweetgum Studio. Illustrating towns & hamlets she visits, Tiffany created her Virginia Landmark Series. These Landmark art products are very successful in the local retail shops. Her attentive style keeps her inbox full of requests for the next town to be drawn.

Tiffany's purpose is to celebrate the "little details,” and the joy one finds in seeing them.

She lives her adventure with her husband Bart, son Logan, basset hound Jasper and Samson their golden retriever in Berryville Virginia on Long Ear Acres.

Facebook Page: @sweetgumstudio

Instagram: @hey_tiff75

Email: info@sweetgumstudio.net

phone: 678.360.5925